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How is the parking issue being addressed?

Cars outside the Main Entrance to QEHB

Most of our car parking capacity has reached saturation point and it's not possible for everyone to be able to park at all times. We need to work to reduce the number of cars parking on our hospital sites by encouraging the many convenient and suitable alternatives that many colleagues could use.

At Heartlands Hospital, there is available capacity, but it's not always used particularly well with off-site car parks that are just a moments' walk away from the hospital, never full.

In order to find a solution, the Trust is looking at how it can improve multi-occupancy journeys (car pooling) so that we're getting more 'use' out of a single parking space.

We are also working with local partners to look at alternative off-site parking locations, and how we make public transport or active options a more attractive alternative to driving.

With homeworking and flexible working now more widely available, some pressure is reduced with many people surrendering their staff parking permits.

Last reviewed: 09 March 2023