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As a large teaching NHS Trust, University Hospitals Birmingham (UHB) is committed to developing people to become part of a compassionate, talented and skilled workforce. We actively promote training and development within the organisation. Apprenticeships form an important part of this for both new recruits and existing staff.

An apprenticeship opens the door to a range of rewarding and interesting careers at UHB – from finance managers, IT developers and business administrator roles, to healthcare assistants, catering staff and medical engineers. We offer a wide range of non-clinical apprenticeship as well as clinical programmes.

When you have successfully completed your apprenticeship you will be offered an interview for a permanent position.

It's not just doctors, nurses and receptionists. There are more than 400 careers in the NHS.

You don't have to go to university or have a tonne of experience to become a valued member of staff.

Apprenticeships aren't just for young people. You can apply for an apprenticeship at any age.

What is an apprenticeship?

Essentially, an apprenticeship is a work-based training and development programme designed to give the apprentice the knowledge, skills and behaviours required for the role. The programme leads to a nationally accredited apprenticeship qualification.

An apprenticeship offers you:

  • the opportunity to earn while you learn on the job
  • practical experience
  • transferable skills
  • paid holidays
  • a nationally recognised qualification
  • regular study time (around 20%)
  • ongoing support throughout your apprenticeship
  • a professional reference to use in the future
  • the chance to learn about the NHS and build your confidence in the workplace
  • a wider range of longer-term career opportunities within the NHS

Sound up your street?

Thinking about kick-starting your career within the NHS through an apprenticeship? Take the "Step into the NHS" test to see if an NHS apprenticeship is right for you.

Ready to apply?

Our apprenticeship programmes are advertised via NHS Jobs. You will need to fill out an application form so we can assess your experience and qualifications, and collect the information we need.

Apprenticeship events

We run a number of webinars where you can meet our apprenticeship team and find out more about how to apply. These are held online using Microsoft Teams.

We don't have any upcoming webinars at the moment, but do check back in the near future for more details.

Our apprentices

I’m more a practical person but want to work in healthcare. I’m training to be a medical engineer and work on keeping the medical equipment working such as heart monitors – it’s really interesting.


I was always interested in finance but I also wanted to do something for the community. Working in the NHS means I get to do both – I had no idea you could qualify as an accountant in a hospital.


I choose an HR apprenticeship in the NHS because it gives me so many options for my career in the future. I get professional qualifications and experience in a real job.


Want to know more?

If you'd like to know more about apprenticeships at University Hospitals Birmingham, please get in touch.