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Car parking FAQs

Please see below a list of frequently asked questions regarding the Trust car parking arrangements. There remains some variation across the hospitals sites, however work is ongoing to remove or minimise this as far as possible.

If the following information does not answer you query, please email the Big Move Team.

I work part time, how will the new tariff apply to me?

Members of staff who work part time will be charged pro rata.

Will those eligible for a parking permit be guaranteed a space following the implementation the new tariff?

Whilst the introduction of the revised tariff may increase fairness across our sites, to allow for various shift patterns, the number of permits issued outnumbers the number of spaces on the hospital sites as individuals do not get a dedicated car parking permit. This means there can not be a guarantee of a parking space if you have a permit.

Waiting lists are in place for all sites.

We encourage staff to look at the wide range of alternative travel options available; many of them will be cheaper and more convenient than driving to work.

I am new starter at the Trust; can I apply for a permit?

Yes, you can apply for a new permit; however allocation will be based on the eligibility criteria and an on-site parking space is not guaranteed.

Prior to applying for a car parking pass, we encourage new starters to explore other travel arrangements, many of which are cheaper and quicker than driving. We’re fortunate to have a very well connected region with excellent public transport links at all of our hospital sites.

What offers or incentives are available for staff to switch to public transport?

Currently, all staff can receive discounted bus travel.

Visit the relevant section for further information and links:

I work unsociable hours, am I eligible for a permit?

Members of staff who regularly work outside the core hours of 08:00 – 18:00, Monday to Friday will be eligible for a car parking pass, this will allow access to car parking, but not within core hours.

In line with Government guidance, night shift workers will receive free car parking.

Besides those with a blue badge, what other circumstances will be taken in to consideration when allocating parking passes?

Caring responsibilities will not be considered as part of the car parking permit allocation, apart from exceptional circumstances.

If you have a health condition which means driving is your only means of travelling to work this will also be considered.

A doctor’s note should be submitted with your car parking application form, or advice from Occupational Health, for consideration of a temporary mobility permit.

I have forfeited my car parking pass, when will my payments stop?

You can leave the scheme at any time by informing the respective car parking team and returning your pass/permit. The team will advise payroll accordingly to stop deductions.

If you wish to leave the car parking scheme please contact the relevant hospital site.

Good Hope, Heartlands and Solihull hospitals

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham

If I have forfeited my pass, can I apply for another one in the future?

Yes, you can apply for a pass in the future; however this will be processed under the eligibility criteria that is in place at that time and a waiting lists will likely apply.

I have changed my vehicle, how do I inform the car parking team of my new registration number?

Good Hope, Heartlands and Solihull hospitals

Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham

Last reviewed: 09 March 2023